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Why we are the Leaders in our Field

We know that undergoing Plastic Surgery is emotionally demanding.  At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we take the worry out of surgery. We have the skills, the knowledge, the caring staff and the facilities to guide you through your journey and provide the best outcome with the minimal downtime.

With over 20 years' experience, Mr. Allan Kalus F.R.C.S,F.R.C.S (Ed), F.R.A.C.S is both a skilled plastic surgeon and a kind, compassionate doctor. With his extensive professional qualifications, Mr. Kalus and his team at Avenue Plastic Surgery offer you a registered and fully accredited Private Hospital and  day procedure clinic on site. We are therefore in a position to meet all your needs in a safe, discrete and uniquely tailored environment.

Plastic Surgery with Peace of Mind

In 2011 we celebrated our 20th anniversary as a Day Surgery Centre. When we opened in June 1991, we were one of the first Day Surgery Centres in Melbourne and the first independent Day Surgery Centre to specialize in Plastic and Aesthetic (Cosmetic) surgery. Since then we have pioneered many techniques in Day Surgery and have had the privilege to help many patients (from all walks of life) to achieve their personal goals. Our commitment is to provide the highest standards of Plastic and Aesthetic (Cosmetic) surgery in a safe, caring and comfortable environment . We have safely performed thousands of procedures including breast reduction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation surgery, abdominoplasty and liposuction .

The majority of our patients have been looked after using our own system of closely monitored Day Surgery. Day Surgery is very popular with both insured and uninsured patients, not only because of the cost savings, but also as our patients value their privacy and appreciate the comfort of recovering in their own home. Of course if you prefer or require an overnight stay then this is available as we are also registered as a Private Hospital.

What to Expect

You can expect to have your procedure in the morning, recover to the point where you are surgically stable, mentally alert and pain free during the afternoon, and then be able to spend the first night at home, under supervision, before being seen again at our surgery the following morning. This system has proven to be safer than hospital-based surgery. There is a lower incidence of complications such as wound infection, haematoma and deep vein thrombosis.

At Avenue Plastic Surgery we are confident that we can provide you with the knowledge to facilitate your decision process, with the surgical expertise to perform the procedure and with attention to every detail during your recovery phase. Our academic qualifications, specific experience and fully Accredited Day Surgery Centre set us apart and combine to ensure your experience will be as safe and rewarding as possible.

Mr. Kalus has been assisting men and women to achieve their goals in aesthetic surgery for over two decades. During this time he has gained a reputation for creating a natural appearance so that confidence and self-esteem are restored.

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At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we have the staff and facilities to provide information, education and, most importantly, peace of mind. The best cosmetic surgery should be undetectable by others, but should provide an enhanced sense of confidence and well-being.

Remember that the aim of Plastic Surgery is to improve confidence as well as appearance and to do so in the safest way possible.

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