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Our Philosophy

At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we continually seek to provide an unparalleled standard of care for our patients before, during, and after their cosmetic surgery at our Melbourne day surgery centre. With one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Victoria at the helm, we believe that we will continue to achieve a standard of care equivalent to, if not surpassing, the best care available in large medical institutions.

Avenue Plastic  Surgery is registered with the Department of Human Services of Victoria as a Private Hospital and Accredited by Global Mark to ISO International Standards. We remain at the forefront of developments in plastic surgery and ambulatory patient care and we embrace new technology where it can be demonstrated to improve patient care and outcomes.

Financing Options

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Innovation and Research

Mr. Allan Kalus and Avenue Plastic Surgery have been involved in a number of innovations in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Following 20 years experience working in the best private and public hospitals both in Australia and overseas, anaesthetic and surgical techniques developed to the stage where Mr. Kalus and his staff felt confident in being able to offer most cosmetic plastic surgery procedures as day case surgery. In the early 1990’s Mr. Kalus and his staff developed new systems of patient care to enable patients undergoing procedures such as breast enlargement, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, and even abdominoplasty to return home the same day. The first 100 patients undergoing breast reduction as day surgery were reported in an article to The Journal of Ambulatory Surgery in 1995. The concept of day surgery means that the surgeon and anaesthetist have to undertake that their patient will be pain free, nausea free and able to walk easily to the bathroom by 4 o’clock on the day of surgery! This was by no means usual in 1991 when patients often spent several days in hospital receiving injections for pain and vomiting and with fluid being administered through an intravenous drip. How things have changed!

Day surgery also requires technically precise surgery to minimise the risk of excessive bleeding and bruising. Operative time also needs to be minimised and the latest anaesthetics used so that a rapid recovery from anaesthesia ensues.

Mr. Kalus also has a preference for "minimally invasive surgery" whenever possible. Therefore, for a rhinoplasty he prefers an endonasal approach (rather than the currently popular "open" approach, for most patients ). This avoids a visible scar on the nasal columella and also dramatically reduces the amount of post-operative swelling of the nasal tip. For breast reduction Mr. Kalus prefers an approach that preserves the ability to breast feed. This involves leaving the nipple attached to a central segment, or mound, of the breast tissue while resecting excess tissue at the sides. For very large breasts, Mr. Kalus has extensive experience with the free nipple graft technique, which enables older women with extremely large and sagging breasts to achieve a cup size of C or less. For abdominoplasty Mr. Kalus utilises a technique, which mobilises the upper abdominal skin first, before removing the lower abdominal skin and fat, in order to accurately determine the amount of tissue to be removed while keeping the surgical incision line low.

Avenue Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Victoria has been very actively involved in research. Patients may be invited to participate in one of the following 2 programmes.

Avenue Plastic Surgery is involved in a number of research projects with the Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research at Monash University. This research involves the culturing of fat cells removed during breast reduction for the study of the cause and treatment of breast cancer.

Avenue Plastic Surgery has established the Centre of Aesthetic Surgery Education Research (CASER) in order to study the reasons why people undergo plastic surgery and the effect of plastic surgery on patients confidence and self-esteem as well as their ability to function well and enjoy life. We have discovered that, for many of our patients, plastic surgery can be a life-changing event.

Our Facilities

Situated in a beautiful tree-lined street named "The Avenue," the classic Victorian exterior of Avenue Plastic Surgery’s cosmetic surgery practice in Melbourne was designed to complement the architecture of the many impressive buildings among which it is situated.

Behind the Victorian exterior is a fully equipped operating theatre and recovery suite. This is not an ordinary "office surgery suite" but a fully functioning hospital equipped with the very latest equipment for the administration and monitoring of anesthesia. The standard of equipment at Avenue Plastic Surgery complies with the recommendations of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anesthetists and enables us to operate at the highest level of safety. From its outset, Avenue Plastic Surgery received full registration by the Health Department of Victoria and in 1995 Avenue Plastic Surgery became Australia’s first Day Procedure Centre specialising in plastic surgery to be accredited by The Australian Council on Health Care Standards.

To schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeons, contact our cosmetic surgery centre in Melbourne, Victoria today.

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