Liposuction Melbourne


Fat deposits in certain areas simply cannot be lost through diet and exercise, no matter how hard we try. An otherwise fit person can have unwanted fat in specific spots on the knees, thighs, buttocks, hips, upper arms, abdomen or under the chin. That’s where our liposuction Melbourne services have helped thousands of patients.

Liposuction is the permanent removal of unwanted fat cells to reveal a slimmer, more contoured body. At our renowned Melbourne clinic, liposuction is not just about fat loss but is also about rebuilding your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Thanks to our fully equipped, on-site Private Hospital, your liposuction can be performed as a Day Case. We’re able to provide the highest standard of care and safety before, during and after your liposuction procedure by having everything under the one roof – the procedure takes less than an hour and our patients can return home by the afternoon with overnight stays also available.

Our day surgery system provides extensive support during your recovery period, and you will be seen on the morning after your surgery with regular sessions during the recovery period. Within three days, approximately 90 per cent of our liposuction Melbourne patients return to normal activity.

In addition to liposuction, we also specialise in other procedures such as breast augmentation. Call Avenue Plastic Surgery today and book in your consultation.

Our Innovative Approach to Liposuction

Over the past decade, we have developed several new liposuction techniques that allow for more precise results, less bruising and rapid recovery. Having performed hundreds of liposuction procedures, Dr Kalus is able to select the most appropriate technique for your body to provide you with the best contour improvement and the least swelling and bruising.

Is Liposuction right for you?

The purpose of liposuction is to re-contour the body by removing excess fat from specific areas. It is not designed to remove very large amounts of fat. In general, we can safety remove 1-3 litres of fat during liposuction. The ideal candidate for liposuction is therefore at a close-to-normal body weight. Talk with one of our plastic surgeon, Dr. Allan Kalus or Dr Rebecca Wyten, about your options to determine whether liposuction is appropriate for you. 

Have you heard about micro lipo?

Micro-lipo refers to the removal of smaller areas of excess fat (for example from the hips or tummy), under local anesthetic. Micro-lipo is designed to treat areas about the size of your hand, and is, we believe, a quicker, safer and more effective alternative to non-surgical methods of fat removal such as “Ultra-Shape and Cool Sculpt”.

Have you considered other body procedures?

At our Melbourne clinic, liposuction can be combined with abdominoplasty or breast reduction to provide a complete body makeover. Thanks to pioneering innovations at our Melbourne clinic, the fat harvested during your liposuction procedure can now be used for breast augmentation with fat transfer. We also offer non-surgical body contouring procedures that requires no anaesthetic or downtime.