Breast Lift Melbourne


Genetics, age, weight fluctuation and pregnancy can all cause the breasts to lose firmness and begin to sag over time. Dr Kalus, our respected breast lift Melbourne surgeon, will elevate your bust line to create a more youthful and fuller contour. The most important benefit of breast lift surgery is the confidence and satisfaction it provides for many of our patients.

Dr Allan Kalus’ expertise ensures the most satisfying results by providing compassionate care guided by your unique case.
Your Breast Lift

During your breast lift, your breast skin is tightened by removal of excess skin in order to achieve a new breast shape with a higher profile. Often the areola size is reduced and the nipple repositioned without detachment in order to preserve breast function. The scars are strategically located on the under surface of the breasts; we aim for our breast lift Melbourne wide surgeries to be as non-invasive as possible.

Your breast lift can be performed as a Day Case at our fully equipped Day Surgery Centre. Our patients can return home by the afternoon. You will be seen the following morning by our dedicated and experienced surgical nurse and then regularly during your recovery. 90 per cent return to normal activity after three days.

Have you considered other breast procedures?

At our renowned Melbourne clinic, breast lift surgery can be combined with breast augmentation using implants. Our Melbourne clinic has also adopted a safe innovative technique where your own fat can now also be used to provide extra volume. Another procedure often combined that reduces excess fat and skin is a tummy tuck.

Talk with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Allan Kalus, about your needs to determine what is best for you.