Year: 2012

PIP Breast Implants – What Actually Happened?

17th May 2012

In 1991 a company called PIP (Poly Implants Prostheses) was founded in France.  The company announced that they had… Read More

Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

14th May 2012

Avenue Plastic Surgery, as part of its service, provides a skin cancer clinic in Melbourne Australia. Following referral from… Read More

Dermapen Treatment for Acne Scars in Melbourne

05th April 2012

At Avenue Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Australia we see many people who are concerned by the appearance of their acne scars…. Read More

Skin Care – Laser Hair removal in Melbourne

28th March 2012

At Avenue Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Australia we see many men and women who are concerned by the appearance of excessive… Read More

Update on PIP Breast Implants

26th March 2012

Following public statements made by Mr Allan Kalus of Avenue Plastic Surgery regarding the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging… Read More

The latest news on PIP Implants

17th February 2012

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Advisory Bureau (TGA) has been closely monitoring local and international developments regarding the safety of… Read More

Breast Reduction Complications

06th February 2012

Although for many patients breast reduction can be a positive and even life changing experience, all surgery carries certain risks. The… Read More

Breast Reduction: Cost & your Surgeon

11th January 2012

What is the cost of breast reduction surgery? In most cases, breast reduction surgery does attract a rebate from… Read More

PIP Implants Update

05th January 2012

During the last week we have received many calls from patients requesting confirmation that they do not have breast… Read More