Year: 2015

Plastic Surgeon’s Casebook – Series 1: Breast Reduction Candidate

20th December 2015

Written by Mr Allan Kalus, Head Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Avenue Plastic Surgery, Melbourne Australia.   Doctors are… Read More

My experience with non-surgical skin rejuvenation

05th December 2015

Last week I booked in for the Fotona Laser Twin-Light Resurfacing treatment at Avenue Advanced Skin Care. On the… Read More

Jury Still Out On Silicone Breast Implant Safety

14th November 2015

For many years, we at Avenue Plastic Surgery have emphasised the importance of women considering breast implants to consider… Read More

Satisfication and psychological welling improves following fat transfer to breasts

12th November 2015

An recent article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal describes the experience of 80 patients undergoing removal of silicone gel… Read More

More women trading in large breast implants for smaller sizes

27th October 2015

“Surgeons are seeing a definite shift in the look many women are asking for, away from the very round,… Read More

Silicone or saline breast implants?

08th October 2015

A recent safety advisory notification from the Australian Department of Health  has informed all surgeons that health regulators in… Read More

100 Years of Plastic Surgery

18th July 2015

Plastic surgery celebrates its 100th birthday this year! An astonishing 20 million plastic surgery procedures were performance around the… Read More

Mummy Makeovers For Yummy Mummies

27th June 2015

It’s no surprise that our bodies change after pregnancy, but what may surprise you is that more and more… Read More

Plastic surgery leaves you looking more likeable?

01st May 2015

Plastic surgery is supposed to involve subtle changes to your face. But the impact of procedures may extend far… Read More

The ‘Angelina Jolie Effect’ and Preventative Mastectomy

25th March 2015

At a recent Conference on Breast Surgery in Melbourne, risk reducing mastectomy was discussed in terms of the Angelina… Read More