Month: October 2018

En Bloc Removal Of Silicone Breast Implants

31st October 2018

Sometimes it is necessary to perform an En Bloc removal of silicone breast implants and their entire capsule. This… Read More

Removal of Breast Implants. New Rules for Medicare Rebates

31st October 2018

Medicare has advised that from the 1/11/2018 new rules will apply to the procedure of removal and replacement of… Read More

Rhinoplasty – What to Expect

31st October 2018

At Avenue Plastic Surgery we have over 30 years’ experience with rhinoplasty surgery and are privileged to have helped… Read More

Facial Fat Transfer 101: What You Need To Know

22nd October 2018

Facial Fat Transfer 101: What You Need To Know Facial fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or fat… Read More

Safety in Breast Augmentation– A Risk Management Approach

19th October 2018

All surgery involves risks.  The key to successful surgery is to manage the risk so that it is kept… Read More

Plastic Surgery And Pregnancy

02nd October 2018

Pregnancy is an amazing life event that proves how astounding the human body is. From nurturing an embryo, delivering… Read More

How To Get A Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

02nd October 2018

Achieving a natural looking breast augmentation is the desired goal for most women. And that’s where our expertise sits…. Read More