Year: 2021

Breast Augmentation by Autologous Fat Transfer –  10 Myths and Facts

05th July 2021

Breast augmentation using implants has been performed for 50 years. By contrast, breast augmentation by fat transfer has only… Read More

We are Australia’s experts in Fat Transfer.

30th June 2021

Number 1 for Fat Transfer. We introduced Fat Transfer to Australia in 2013 and have performed hundreds of procedures…. Read More

Welcome to the Era of the Explant

24th June 2021

In the Weekend Australian Magazine of June 19th 2021, a glossy article was published about the harm woman have… Read More

En Bloc Capsulectomy – case study

19th May 2021

The human body reacts to every implanted device, whether it is a cardiac pacemaker or a breast implant, by… Read More

Breast Augmentation Without Implants. Is it possible? 

10th May 2021

To see how far breast augmentation has progressed in recent years have a look at the before and after… Read More

Different Types of Breast Implant Capsules

22nd April 2021

Capsules come in different forms and this determines what type of capsulectomy can be performed. This first image above… Read More

Guidance for women requiring breast implant removal.

22nd April 2021

Removal of breast implants has become a very common surgical procedure.  For some women, removal of their breast implants… Read More

Recovery after rhinoplasty

12th April 2021

Many of our patients (and their families) are surprised at just how easy their recovery has been following their… Read More

The Perfect Rhinoplasty

25th March 2021

I reviewed a young Solicitor this morning who had a Rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago.  I asked him about his… Read More

Lip filler- A Cause of Anaphylaxis

19th March 2021

Lip fillers are generally accepted as being very safe.  However, when complications occur, they can be serious and sometimes… Read More