Doctors with Daughters!

12th June 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of a new novel which, judging by pre-sales in Australia and overseas, is destined to be a best seller! The novel, titled The Book Ninja was written by Michelle…

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The Risks of Cheap & Overseas Plastic Surgery

11th June 2018

Plastic surgery can be life changing – but not always in the ways that one would expect.  Plastic surgery is designed to surgically change the body in order to normalise or improve appearance and by…

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The New Fat Transfer Australia Website Is Live!

25th May 2018

We are very excited to announce we have officially launched our new Fat Transfer Australia website!Avenue Plastic Surgery and its founder, Dr Allan Kalus, have pioneered the use of autologous fat transfer in Australia, helping…

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How did you spend Mother’s Day recently?

16th May 2018

Dr Allan Kalus used the day as an opportunity to support the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia.  His wife Susan and daughters Michelle and Alicia, invited some friends over and spent the day preparing Birthing…

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Breast Feeding after Augmentation – What You Need to Know

23rd April 2018

A common concern amongst women considering breast augmentation is the impact the surgery may have on their ability to breastfeed later in life.For most women who undergo breast augmentation of one type or another, they…

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What is the Avenue Plastic Surgery approach to Facelifts?

02nd April 2018

Let's take some time to talk about Facelifts.An ever-popular procedure, facelift surgery can be an excellent option for people who have seen the signs of aging take a toll on their facial volume and skin…

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The Benefits of Day Surgery

14th March 2018

An interesting article recently published by The Chronicle*, highlighted the large number of complications arising in Australian hospitals. In fact, Reports have recently revealed that one in four patients who go into a hospital in…

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‘Liquid Gold’ – Fat Transfer : Discussions with our founder, Mr Allan Kalus

08th March 2018

As Australia’s leading expert in Fat Transfer, our founder, Mr Allan Kalus recently spoke with Trish of the Plastic Surgery Hub, a prominent plastic surgery blogger, for her podcast series. You can hear Mr Kalus…

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Are the results of Fat Transfer procedures permanent?

12th February 2018

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a choice many people make as a way to correct or improve an area of their body they've disliked or struggled with for many years. So it's natural that prospective…

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Recovering After Surgery: What to Expect and How to Ensure a Smooth Process

06th February 2018

Having plastic surgery is a big step. If you have made the decision to undergo surgery, and it's your first time, it is completely natural to feel anxious and uncertain about what to expect. For…

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