Nose surgery and computer imaging

21st July 2011

How will my nose look after nose surgery (rhinoplasty)? Powerful computer software is available these days to provide “computer imaging”.  After a photograph is taken, the photograph can be altered on the computer screen to…

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Nose Surgery Melbourne

13th July 2011

What is the cost of nose surgery (rhinoplasty)? Calling or emailing practices in Australia to inquire about the cost of nose surgery (rhinoplasty) will probably result in a wide range of figures.  It is important for you…

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Complications of Breast Implants

06th July 2011

Although for many patients breast augmentation with implants can be a positive and even life changing experience, all surgery carries certain risks.   The results of breast augmentation using implants (silicone or saline) are not completely predictable and will…

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Breast implant surgery and your recovery

29th June 2011

How is breast implant surgery performed? Breast implant surgery in Australia is usually performed under a general anaesthetic in a hospital or Day Procedure Centre.  At Avenue Plastic Surgery breast augmentation is usually performed in…

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What is the best breast implant and size for me?

22nd June 2011

What is the best breast implant? It is easy to become confused about what is the best breast implant as there are so many different types of breast implants currently available in Australia.  Saline or…

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What is the Cost of Breast Implants and Who Is the Best Surgeon?

15th June 2011

If you are interested in breast augmentation with breast implants you probably have many questions. The following are some of the questions we will be answering in our future blogs. What is the cost of…

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Medical Tourism. Breast Implants in Thailand

20th May 2011

Should I Have my Breast Implants Overseas? These days, there is often a new type of patient in our consulting room.  This is usually a young woman who has travelled to Thailand to have her…

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