PIP Breast Implants

23rd December 2011

This morning there was an article in the Melbourne press reporting about the concern for many woman around the world who have had PIP silicone breast implants inserted.  There are believed to be 30,000 women…

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A Natural Facelift in Melbourne

13th December 2011

How is a facelift performed? At Avenue Plastic Surgery, facelift surgery is usually performed as a Day Case. This means that you have the surgery in the morning and able to return home in the afternoon.  Of…

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Facial rejuvenation

07th December 2011

Avenue Plastic Surgery together with Avenue Advanced Skin Care are excited to announce the launch of the new App, Natural Look: Beautiful at any age. The Natural Look App is a free App that helps you…

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Facelift Surgery: Costs & your Surgeon

01st December 2011

What is the cost of facelift surgery? When facelift surgery is performed for acne scarring or for other medical conditions such as facial nerve palsy, then at least part of the cost will be recoverable…

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Day Surgery safer than an overnight hospital stay

26th November 2011

Many plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implant surgery, breast reduction, nose surgery, facelift surgery, eyelid surgery liposuction and tummy tuck surgery are now done as Day Surgery. This means that patients arrive…

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Types of Tummy Tuck surgery

22nd November 2011

Yes, there are basically 2 different types of tummy tuck surgery.  The most commonly performed is the radical abdominoplasty where all the skin and fat between the umbilicus (belly button) and the pubic crease are removed.  The…

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Tummy Tuck, Melbourne

17th November 2011

What is the cost of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty surgery)? In most cases, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery does attract a rebate from Medicare and, if you are insured, from your health insurance organization.  This rebate will help considerably…

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Plastic Surgery and soon-to-be-brides

04th October 2011

A recent report from the United States has reported a growing trend of soon-to-be-brides turning to cosmetic surgery to help create the “perfect” look for their wedding day. Doctor Tenley Lawton (a Newport Beach based…

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Silicone Breast Implants

30th September 2011

In the United States of America, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to debate whether the current makes of silicone breast implants are safe. Diana Zukerman, President of the National Research Centre for Woman…

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What are the risks of nose surgery?

04th August 2011

At Avenue Plastic Surgery in Melbourne we have over 20 years experience in performing rhinoplasty surgery.The following is a list of possible complications of which you should be aware and which may occur despite the surgeon’s best efforts. In…

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