Breast Explant – A Guide For Women

17th September 2019

Breast Implant Removal – A Guide for Women There have been many recent stories published in the media regarding silicone breast implants and how they can damage your health.  Understandably, many women with breast implants…

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I am concerned about my breast implants – what should I do?

02nd August 2019

With all the recent publicity surrounding breast implants, how is a woman who has breast implants best advised? The first point is to establish for how long she has had the implants, are they textured…

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Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer – Is It Right For Me?

29th July 2019

Breast augmentation using your own fat is very different from breast augmentation using implants.  With the current concerns regarding silicone breast implants, many women are turning to fat transfer as an all-natural method of breast…

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Breast Reduction Surgery -Do you know your options?

22nd July 2019

Women with large breasts know how uncomfortable they can be.  Symptoms such as neck ache and backache are common.  Many women with large breasts find it difficult to find appropriate clothes to fit and tend…

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Breast Implant Illness – Can removing your breast implants improve your health?

17th July 2019

Today I saw 2 women both of whom reported a remarkable increase in their health and wellbeing just 6 weeks following removal of their breast implants. Both women had silicone breast implants with a coarse…

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Breast Implant Ban

12th July 2019

Today the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has recommended the cancellation of the license for Allergan’s Macro Textured Breast Implants. This is because of the association between these implants (commonly known as the BIOCELL implant) and…

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Silicone Or Saline Breast Implants – Which Is Better?

26th June 2019

Some surgeons recommend silicone breast implants because they feel that they are “more modern”.  However, in the case of breast implants, “more modern” does not mean better.  In fact many of the latest, most modern,…

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Breast Explant Surgery

24th May 2019

One of the commonest operations performed by plastic surgeons today is breast explant surgery. This refers to the removal of breast implants. Many different types of breast implants have been used in Australia over the…

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Proposed Medicare Funding for Fat Transfer to the Breast

29th April 2019

The Department of Health is currently conducting a consultation survey regarding Autologous Fat Grafting to the breast specifically for the treatment of defects arising from breast surgery from the treatment and prevention of breast cancer…

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Breast Implant Screen Service

23rd April 2019

Avenue Plastic Surgery is proud to participate in an initiative established by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This initiative is designed to help women who have concerns about their existing breast implants. Any…

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