Micro Lipo

Micro Lipo is one of the latest and most advanced body sculpting treatments available in Australia. It is a minimally invasive fat removal and body shaping procedure designed to enhance your body contours and definition.

Micro Liposuction available at Avenue Plastic Surgery, is performed by one of Australia’s most experienced liposuction surgeons – Dr. Allan Kalus. Micro Lipo is ideal for small pockets of stubborn fat on your hips, thighs, arms, abdomen and chin.

Advantages of Micro Lipo
  • Micro Lipo is performed under local anaesthetic
  • Micro Lipo is minimally invasive, causing no damage to surrounding tissues
  • Minimal risk of bleeding, bruising and discomfort
  • Minimal downtime required, return to work within 2 days, exercise within a week
  • Small incisions made during the procedure do not require stitches, meaning no scars
Your Micro Lipo

Your Micro Lipo procedure is performed under local anesthetic at our fully equipped, on-site Private Hospital. Local anesthetic is injected into the fat causing the targeted to become numb. The fat in then removed using microcannulas. The procedure takes less than an hour and patients can return home shortly after treatment.

Your Results

You will notice a dramatic change in your body shape immediately after the procedure. Your body shape and contours will continue to improve 2-3 weeks post-operative as the swelling subsides. The fat cells removed during the procedure will not return.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.