Breast Augmentation by Fat Grafting

Discover the SAFEST technique for Breast Augmentation

We are Australia’s experts in Breast Augmentation by Autologous Fat Transfer. Breast augmentation using your own fat is now the most popular procedure at Avenue Plastic Surgery. We were the first in Melbourne to offer this procedure and now have over five years of experience. While gel or saline filled implants were previously the only method plastic surgeons had to augment the size of breasts, recent years have seen the development of a fat grafting technique to provide a safe, satisfactory and superior breast augmentation. At Avenue Plastic Surgery we offer excellence and experience in Breast Enlargement by Autologous Fat Transfer.

Although plastic surgeons have been transferring fat into the face and other parts of the body for over 20 years, the amount of fat transferred was of relatively low volume (usually 10-20 mL).  For the breasts, larger volumes (usually at least 100 mL) are required.  While plastic surgeons were initially concerned whether such a large volume of fat would survive in the breast or cause lumpiness, advanced techniques are now available whereby large volumes of fat (100-400mL) can be safely transferred into the breasts to provide permanent breast augmentation with a very low risk of lumpiness. Fat Transfer to the breasts has a very wide application. It is suitable if you would like a slightly larger, softer and more attractive breast and prefer to avoid breast implants. It is suitable if you arehaving a breast lift as it will improve the shape of your breasts and improve the cleavage. It is also suitable if you are having your old breast implants removed and would like your breasts enhanced in a more natural way. And, of course, it is possible to use Autologous Fat Transfer for breast reconstruction in the case where a woman has had a mastectomy.

Our Approach to Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting

The fat is harvested with a special cannula to ensure that very small pieces of fat are collected.  This fat is then prepared into a type of “puree” which can be injected through a specially designed cannula into the breast tissue and under the skin of the breast.  This fat is then massaged and moulded so that a smooth and uniform breast enlargement is produced.  The fat is injected into multiple tunnels to give the cells maximum chance of survival.  For women desiring a modest increase in breast volume, breast augmentation by fat transfer could be the answer. Moreover, if the fat is taken from the hips and thighs, it results in a rebalancing of the figure. And thanks to our own fully-equipped Private Hospital, we can perform many of our breast augmentations as a Day Case, which means you’ll be able to go home in the afternoon and recover in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Aims of Surgery

Our breast surgeons’ aims are to create attractive, symmetrical breasts that are in proportion to your other features, similar to our goals for breast augmentation with implants. The breasts should look and feel larger while remaining soft and natural. At your consultation, we can take you through our library of before and afters to demonstrate the successful results our patients have achieved. Advantages of Using Your Own Fat

  • Implants are not required
  • Your breasts will feel completely natural
  • Liposuction of the hips, thighs and abdomen can help to balance your figure
  • Less scarring. Only tiny incisions are required as the fat is transferred by injection
  • Permanent results

Are you worried about silicone implants? If so, contact us to find out if fat transfer is an option for you.


Autologous Fat transfer to breasts, commonly known as Fat Injection, is a permanent method of enhancing and enlarging the breasts. This is because, when expertly performed, the fat cells survive and become part of the breast tissue. This series of photographs shows a young woman with breast asymmetry where fat was grafted into the right breast to make the volume equivalent to the left breast. The initial result after a month is excellent with her breasts looking identical. Three years later her breasts have both grown and remain the same size!


Where is the fat taken from? The fat is usually taken from the thighs, inner knees, abdomen or hips.  Naturally, if you are very thin and have no fat available, then the option of breast augmentation by fat transfer is not for you.  On the other hand, if you do have excess fat in these areas, then an added benefit of the procedure is that your body contour will be improved because of the liposuction.  Many women find that they go down a size in their clothes following liposuction of the lateral thighs.   What scarring is produced? There is virtually no scarring produced on the breasts as the fat is transferred by a small cannula through tiny puncture sites.  On the donor area (such as the thighs or abdomen), a small scar (usually less than 1 cm) is all that is required to facilitate harvesting the fat.   Is the result permanent? You can expect the breasts to be swollen initially (2 weeks) but once the swelling settles, then the fat cells that survive will survive permanently.   What size will I be? Current techniques allow a 1-2 cup size increase in your breast size.  If you desire a larger increase by fat transfer, then a second session of fat grafting may be required. Each cup size is about 150mL.   Is breast-feeding possible? Yes, breast-feeding is possible after this operation.   Is it a painful operation? Any pain after this procedure should be easily relieved with normal medication such as Panadol or Panadeine.

Is nipple sensation altered? The nerves to the nipple are not interfered with during this procedure and therefore nipple sensation is not altered.  Because the skin of the breasts is stretched, initially there may be a little tingling in the nipples for a few weeks after the surgery.   Can the operation cause breast cancer? There has never been a case of breast cancer described due to fat transfer to the breasts.  If you do develop a lump in the breast following fat transfer, then this must be investigated in the normal way.  Radiologists are able to distinguish between a lump due to breast cancer and a lump due to fatty tissue.   Are there any complications? No major complications are anticipated.  It is normal to have some swelling and bruising following the procedure but as there is no dissection of tissue planes, the risk of complications such as haematoma is even less than that after a conventional breast augmentation with implants.   Am I a candidate for breast augmentation with fat transfer?

  • You desire a 1-2 cup size increase in your breasts, with a natural look and feel and you have some excess fat that can be removed by liposuction.
  • You desire a solution to breast asymmetry.
  • You want to improve your abdomen, thighs and breasts in one procedure. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a popular method of increasing size in women having a ‘Mummy Makeover’.
  • You desire a breast lift with added volume. Breast augmentation with fat transfer can be performed in conjunction with a breast lift.

Read our open letter to patients and then contact our Melbourne office to learn more about the breast augmentation procedure. Learn more about how to choose between Breast Augmentation with Implants or Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer here.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.