Patient Info

Fly in for Surgery

At Avenue Plastic Surgery, we care for many patients who fly in from all over Australia and overseas. We have perfected our ‘fly-in’ protocols so that all patients – regardless of location – can benefit from our innovative treatments and unparalleled standard of care.

Whether you fly-in alone or with loved ones, we can take care of you. We will guide you through the entire process from initial phone consultation to full recovery.

Step 1: Initial Phone Enquiry

This is an important first step. Speak to one of our dedicated patient advisors about the procedure, your concerns and goals, the aftercare, options for accommodation as well as the costs involved and have all your questions answered over the phone. We want to help you feel comfortable right from the start.

Step 2: Complete Assessment Form

Our advisor will send you detailed information about the procedure. To help us assess your suitability for surgery, you will be directed to a link on our website, which enables you to provide information and download photographs. Your photographs will be shown to our team of plastic surgeons and a phone consultation can be arranged with the surgeon of your choice.

Step 3: Phone consultation with your surgeon about your individual goals and your procedure.

Some patients may prefer to fly in and meet the surgeon.

Step 4: Face-to-Face Consultation

Have a face-to-face consultation the day before surgery (or earlier if desired). Be shown photographs of other patients who have had the procedure and discuss the surgery in detail. Have a pre-operative LED light treatment to enhance healing and recovery.

Step 5: Surgery

Meet your anaesthetist, be marked out by your surgeon and have the surgery as planned.We specialise in Day Case, Short Stay and Minimally Invasive Surgery, in order to provide the highest standard of safety and the shortest recovery time.

Step 6: Recovery

Our procedures for ‘fly in’ surgery provide extensive support during your recovery. You will see our dedicated surgical nurse the following morning and then regularly until you fly home.

Step 7: Return Home

90 per cent of our patients return to normal activity within three days and most return home after 3-7 days.

If necessary, we can refer you to your local physician and supervise continued care once you return home.