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Risks of Overseas Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is real surgery with real risks.

We advise anyone contemplating surgery overseas first to consider the qualifications of the surgeon, anaesthetist and surgical nurses and what happens if complications arise after you return home.

Patient safety is our number one priority. However, your safety is often compromised to cut costs in overseas facilities. As a result, we see many patient complications from overseas cosmetic surgery. Often patients find that what they thought would be a cheaper option is more expensive because revision surgery is required back in Australia.

Our system of Day Surgery has been specifically developed to minimise surgical complications, to enhance patient care and to make recovery comfortable and rapid. For example, a recent audit of our infections revealed an infection rate of 0.5%. This compares with 5-10% for most Australian hospitals and an even higher rate overseas. More importantly, if you have any problem or concern post-op, your surgeon is on-call to take immediate action.

Plastic surgery is physically and emotionally demanding. The decision to undergo plastic surgery is as serious as with any other surgical procedure. We will guide you through the entire process – from initial consultation to full recovery – to take the worry out of surgery and to ensure you achieve the most satisfying result.