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Avenue Plastic Surgery is situated adjacent to Windsor Private Hospital which has a reputation for excellence in Plastic Surgery. Windsor Private Hospital is equipped with operating theatres, recovery suites and the very latest equipment for the administration and monitoring of anesthesia- all with the safety and comfort of our patients in mind.

Windsor Private Hospital has been in operation for over 25 years and consistently reports extremely low rates of infection and other surgical complications. Windsor Private Hospital is fully accredited to National Standards, for more information visit their website.

Day Surgery is safer than hospital-based surgery because:

  • Lower incidence of complications such as wound infection and deep vein thrombosis
  • Easier and more comfortable recovery


The majority of our patients are cared for using our own system of closely monitored Day Surgery. Day Surgery is popular, not only because of the cost savings, but also because our patients value their privacy and appreciate the comfort of recovering at home. Of course, if you prefer or require an overnight stay, this is also available.



Patient Satisfaction Survey (2018)

(Conducted by Windsor Private Hospital on Avenue Plastic Surgery Patients)

Did you feel confident in the aftercare?

Yes 96%


Pain after the procedure

98% of patients had either no pain or pain which was relieved by medication.


We routinely send patients home with drainage tubes

94% of patients were happy with this & with the information provided.


Expectation versus experience

93% of patients said their experience was equal to or better than their expectation.

In fact 66% of patients said their experience was better than their expectation.


Care by nursing staff

85% reported their care was better than expected.


Care by medical staff

87% reported care by medical staff was better than expected.


When asked whether the environment was relaxing and private

98% replied yes.


Did you understand the pre-operative information provided at your booking

100% replied yes.


Would you recommend us to others

100% said yes.


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