Month: December 2011

Risks of a facelift

29th December 2011

The following is a list of possible complications of which you should be aware and which may occur despite… Read More

PIP Breast Implants

23rd December 2011

This morning there was an article in the Melbourne press reporting about the concern for many woman around the… Read More

A Natural Facelift in Melbourne

13th December 2011

How is a facelift performed? At Avenue Plastic Surgery, facelift surgery is usually performed as a Day Case. This means that… Read More

Facial rejuvenation

07th December 2011

Avenue Plastic Surgery together with Avenue Advanced Skin Care are excited to announce the launch of the new App, Natural… Read More

Facelift Surgery: Costs & your Surgeon

01st December 2011

What is the cost of facelift surgery? When facelift surgery is performed for acne scarring or for other medical… Read More