Year: 2014

The Side Effects of Eyelid Surgery

13th September 2014

With eyelid surgery, you can remove sagging skin and fat from around your eyes, creating a younger and more energetic… Read More

The Pros and Cons of Saline Breast Implants

18th August 2014

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Liposuction Side Effects: What They Are and How to Minimize Them

16th July 2014

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Abdominoplasty Using the Extended Tummy Tuck Technique

15th June 2014

Abdominoplasty, more popularly known as tummy tuck surgery, is one of the most effective of all body contouring procedures, having… Read More

Important Liposuction Information for Patients

16th May 2014

If you want to slim and reshape specific areas of your body, you may have considered liposuction surgery. Consult our Melbourne-based plastic… Read More

Breast augmentation using your own fat

14th May 2014

Breast augmentation using your own fat is the fastest growing procedure at Avenue Plastic Surgery Melbourne. It is suitable… Read More

MACS Facelift Technique – What Patients Should Know

14th April 2014

If you want to look your youngest and your very best, there are plenty of options out there to… Read More

Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery

19th March 2014

Droopy eyelids or puffy under-eye bags can leave you looking constantly tired or older beyond your years. Fortunately, the… Read More

Seven Signs You Could Benefit from Liposuction

19th February 2014

If you feel unhappy with the appearance of your body because of stubborn fat deposits that seem impossible to… Read More

What to Expect from a Mini Tummy Tuck

24th January 2014

Weight loss, pregnancy, and genetics are just a few reasons why pockets of skin and fat may accumulate around… Read More