Year: 2020

FDA Acknowledges Breast Implant Illness

09th October 2020

It is pleasing to see that finally, the FDA in the USA, has recognised that people with silicone breast… Read More

Choosing a Hospital for Plastic Surgery

27th August 2020

Day Surgery is now widely accepted as the preferred way for patients to have aesthetic plastic surgery.  Not only… Read More

Understanding the Capsule that forms around Breast Implants

20th August 2020

There has recently been a lot of discussion on social media regarding the capsule that forms around breast implants… Read More

En Bloc Total Capsulectomy

30th July 2020

Plastic Surgery Update by Dr Allan Kalus: Often we are asked when an En Bloc Total Capsulectomy required. Well… Read More

Fixing a Botched Breast Augmentation

28th June 2020

An example of removal and replacement of botched implants at Avenue Plastic Surgery

Removal of Breast Implants

19th June 2020

American TV host and  model Chrissy Teigen recently posted on Instagram that she had had breast implant removal surgery…. Read More

Protecting Ourselves And Our Families From The COVID-19 Virus.

24th March 2020

Written by Dr Allan Kalus. As I write this on Monday 23rd March 2020, there is a feeling of… Read More

Saline Breast Implants – Do They Ripple?

23rd March 2020

As a Specialist Plastic Surgeon I often get asked if saline implants ripple. Saline breast implants have once again… Read More

How Do We Protect Ourselves From Corona Virus?

19th March 2020

This blog has been written by Dr Allan Kalus. Corona Virus has finally reached Australia and the number of… Read More

“I’m Over My Breast Implants”

01st March 2020

This is a story about a 50 year old woman who had breast implants. She had worked hard all… Read More